They're neck and neck!

Jo: Hello. You're listening to Real English from BBC Learning English. I'm Jo.

Oliver: And I'm Oliver. 大家好,我是 Oliver,地道英語和大家一起學習現代英式英語中經常出現的流行辭彙和實用表達。這些用法你可能在英語課堂上聽不到,但卻可以讓你的英語更地道。那 Jo, 今天給我們帶來的新詞是什麼呢?


Jo: And today's expression is neck…and…neck. Neck and neck.


Oliver: 脖子和脖子,Jo,為什麼我們要在節目裏說脖子的事情?


Jo: Well, we use this expression in sports or in competitions. So if two people are neck and neck it means they are at the same level or in the same position.


Oliver: 啊哈,我知道了,比如說如果有兩輛賽車在跑道上賓士,而且他們不相上下,那我們就可以說這兩輛車 neck and neck.


Jo: Or for example if you were watching a TV talent show and voting for your favourite singer.


Oliver: 沒錯兒,比如說你正在看一個電視歌唱比賽,象《超級女聲》或者《快樂男聲》什麼的,兩名選手在同一時刻獲得相同的票數,那我們就可以說。


Jo: They were neck and neck.


Oliver: 這個短語在中文裏的意思就是,並駕齊驅。




And the horses are coming up to the finish line. They're neck and neck…neck and neck all the way. Oh and the Italian horse Mamma Mia wins the race!


Oliver: 我們聽到了一個賽馬評論員的聲音,這個短語 neck and neck 就是從賽馬比賽當中產生的,neck 指的是馬頭,在一些非常接近的比賽裏面,裁判判斷勝負的標準就是誰的馬頭在前!


Jo: So now you know. Well I think we should head to China Town for some lovely Chinese food Oliver. I wonder who could eat the most – me or you?


Oliver: Well I think we'd be neck and neck in that race Jo!


Jo: And that just about brings us to the end of this Real English. Don't forget you can log on to our BBC Learning English website.


Oliver: 今天的節目就到這裏,下次節目再見。


Jo: Bye.



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