1. quite, rather


  quite完全地,相當於completely, rather修飾比較級 quite impossible


2. happy, glad


  happy高興,幸福,定表均可,glad高興,只能做表語 a happy girl


3. instead, instead of


  instead是副詞,放在句首或句末,instead of是介詞短語,放在句中


He didn't see a film. Instead he watched TV. He watched TV instead of seeing a film.


4. too much, much too


  too much 後接不可數名詞,much too後接形容詞 much too heavy


5. be about to, be going to, be to do


  be about to表最近的將來,後面不接時間狀語,be going to 側重打算,想法,


be to do側重意志,計畫,安排I'm to meet him.(含雙方事先約好的意思)


6. raise, rise


  raise及物動詞,rise不及物動詞 The sun rises in the east.


7. bring, take, carry, fetch


  bring拿來,take帶走,carry隨身攜帶,fetch去回這一往返動作 fetch a box of chalk


8. spend, take, pay, cost


  spend人做主語,花錢,花時間; spend…on sth./in doing sth; take物做主語,花時間;


pay人做主語,花錢,pay for; cost物做主語,花錢


9. join, join in, take part in


  join加入某個組織,並成為其中的一員;join in參加小型的活動, join sb. in


take part in 參加大型的活動 He joined the army five years ago.


10. learn, study




  study the problem


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