be strange (common, new, familiar, peculiar, distinct, sensitive, immune, vulnerable, indispensable) to


Air is indispensable to life.


Aircrafts are vulnerable to interference caused by radiation.


This injection will make you immune to infection.




1:以-ior結尾的形容詞,後接介詞to表示比較,如:superior ,inferior,prior,senior,junior


The quarrel happened prior to my arrival.




A is similar to B in many ways.




Subsequent to the war,they returned to their hometown.


4:to也偶爾出現在個別動詞之後,與動詞形成固定片語,表示比較,:prefer to,compare to,in contrast to compare to sth.表示比喻或比擬,compare with sth.表示比較,:


World is usually compared to a stage


Compared with his past,he has changed a lot.


Prefer的正確句型是:prefer A to Bprefer doing A to doing B,但當prefer後接動詞不定式時,表示比較的介詞to就要改成rather than ,:


The undaunted soldier preferred death to surrender.


Many people prefer spending money to earning money.


They prefer to pursue careers rather than remain home as house wives.




Going to an under water concert is a great alternative to going to dinner.




1:表示回復,反應意思的詞,:answer to question,


solution to problem,response to inquiry,reaction to proposal,reply to letter


2:表示建築構件的辭彙,: entry,entrance,approach,access,passage,exit,vent,path


the approach to a bridge引橋


the approach to science


Half of the population was estimated to have no access to the health service.


The access to education 接受教育的機會


The access to medical care 享受公費醫療的權利


4:表示人物職位和官銜的詞,:assistant to manager, ambassador to Spain, successor to tradition, heir to throne,deputy to the National People’s Congress


advisor to the Prime Minister




The employee finally got the admission to the boardroom.


Everyone has an equal right to ……..


6:表示柵欄或障礙的辭彙,:bars to development,the barrier to progress


7:表示與書籍,文本相關的詞,:introduction to passage.




The director proposed a toast to the health of the guests.


Let’s drink to Dick’s success in business


9:另外還有一些名詞符合這種用法,有的具有兩者息息相關,缺一不可的含義.:key to door,invitation to party,


guide to action,limitation to life,accessory to school


:to還具有依據,伴隨,和著節奏的含義,:sing to piano, chance to the tune, stamp to the rhythm of the song, add salt to taste


一:表示相關聯,相連接,如:be related to,be relative to,in relation to,be relevant to,link to


Investigate all the facts related to the problem.


People often linked walth to happiness.




1to引導的表示反對,抗拒,對抗意義的片語。Be opposed to,be oppsist to,be contrary to,be adverse to,be resistant to,be contradictory to,object to,oppose to,deny tp,be aline to


These buildings are resistant to earthquake.


They are to tally opposed to any changes being made in the plans.


2:to引導的表示同意,贊同意義的片語:consent to,subseribe to,


The employer consented to give him a salary raise.表示調整,使符合,使適應的含義,如:adapt to,commodate to,adjust to,conform to,habituate to,fit to,suit to,correspond to,cater to


She tried to habituate herself to the style of plain living.


Your action should conform to the interests of the people.


They offered various foods to cater to the need of customers.


His words doesn’t fit to his actions.


Suit your writing style to the masses.


3:表示投降,屈服,服從的含義,:be subject to,be subordinate to,submit to,subject to,surrender to,give in to,confess to,admit to.


The minority is subordinate to the majority少數服從多數


Countries nearby oceans are always subject to earthquake.


He confessed to having robbed the woman of her wallet.


We’re not the kind of people to yield to any military threat.


:表示趨勢或傾向,:tend to,be prone to,be inclined to,be apt to,be liable to


He’s liable to seasickness.


You are liable to come to wrong conclusion.


:表示對事情的堅持與執著,:sick to,hold o,adhere to,cling to


He still holds on to his original views.


:表示約束,局限,:limit to,confine to,resrict to


He’s confined to the house by illness.


He confined his remarks to scientific mangement.


:表示一種習慣或是一種適應性,:get (be) to,used to,be accustomed to


Finally,the students got used to my teaching method.


:表示起因和原由,:owing to,due to,thanks to,attribute to,come down to


The flight was cancelled due to the thick fog.


The famous artist attributed his success to his wife.


十一:表示目的或結果,:aim to,lead to,give rise to


I aim to be an excellent college teacher.


His conceit lead to his failure.


These bad condition has given rise to a lot of crises


十二:表示命運,註定,:be doomed to,be destined to,


All military adventures by the two super powers are doomed to fail.


十三:表示數量上的積累或增加,:in addition to,add to,amount to


In addition to relief supplies,he also presented with some money.


The annual output of steel amounts to 1200 tons.


十四:表示全身心投入的含義,:be addicted to,contribute to,devote to,commit to


He is determined to devote all his life to his.


十五:表示展望或是回顧,:look forward todate back to


The church dates back to the 13th century.


十六:表示方位概念.:close to,next to


I don’t like wool next to my skin.


十七:表示依靠或借助,:resort to,turn to,appeal to,


He usually appeals to arms to settle the territory dispute.


十八:表示有關注,關於:as to,with regard to


十九:表示關注或重視,:pay attention to,attach to,


We should attach primary importance to job training.


二十:表示依據或是根據,:according to,in proportion to


According to today’s newspaper,the match will be postponed.


The lending countries subscribe towards capital stock in proportion to their economic importance.




It’s time to get up.


We are supposed to get here at seven.


It’s up to this country to ban nuclear weapons.




respond to(反應),appeal to(吸引),catch on to(理解),listen to(收聽),used to(過去常常),give birth to,attend to(照料),see to(負責),be entitled to(有權),belong to(屬於),come to(蘇醒),stand up to(勇敢面對),help oneself to(請自便),refer to,to the point(切題),


Train them to stand up to any severe test in hard.


The ticket entitled you to a free meal in the luxury hotel.


See to it that the children get a hot meal after their swim.


You will catch on to the job shortly after wards.


People usually refer to television for up-to-the-minute news.


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